I get SO many questions about the Beautycounter business, that I want to answer them all in one place! I also created for you a super easy to use Beautycounter Three Month Plan to Significant Income PDF to help you start earning quickly and easily. 

I get asked questions like these ALL the time: 

Is the Beautycounter business worth it?

Can you actually earn legitimate income doing Beautycounter- and quickly?

How does it differ from other Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Direct Marketing Companies?

I am SO glad you asked!! I’ll answer all of these questions (and more!) below!

My Back Story

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Caroline Fausel- the blogger here at Olive You Whole. Before I started selling Beautycounter, I did another MLM for over FOUR years.

[I’m purposefully not telling you here which company it was, because that’s NOT the point. I still fully believe in those products and love that company!]

I fully bought into their compensation plan- that the higher ranks (and paychecks!) were possible if I just continued the daily grind… About four years in, I went ALL IN to prove to myself ONCE AND FOR ALL if it “worked” or… didn’t.

I busted my BUTT for three solid months at the beginning of this year (after having put in the daily groundwork for four years). Sure, I definitely saw some momentum, BUT not enough to continue to justify the amount of time I was dedicating to it. Even during this huge push, I didn’t advance ranks above what I had achieved only a couple times in the past, NOR did I make that much more money.

Finally, I saw the light and decided to move on.

Then, we literally moved on. From Atlanta to Denver at the end of June (2018).

I’ve had Beautycounter in the back of my mind for a long time. I even joined as a consultant in 2016, thinking of it like any other of the million affiliate programs I’m apart of. I wanted to be able to link to products whenever I shared about them, which was SO rarely. (I was restricted in sharing about it too much because of the other MLM that I mentioned).

I knew there had to be something special about Beautycounter’s Compensation Plan, because even with my sharing about it EVER so rarely, there were months that my BC checks were LARGER than my other MLM’s (that I was working at ALL the time!).

So let’s get to your questions-

Can you actually earn legitimate income with Beautycounter- and quickly?

The short answer– ABSOLUTELY.

For the long(er) answer- I’ll tell you my Beautycounter Success Story.

My Beautycounter Success Story

Mid-July, after we got settled into our new home in Denver, I decided I’d actually take a stab at this Beautycounter thing.

I’ve always LOVED their products, and their message of clean products totally aligns with my brand’s mantra of “Clean Inside and Out.” Also, part of the reason I continue to be drawn to these companies is I LOVE empowering other women!!

Beautycounter has an incentive trip to Palm Beach in January, and the qualification period conveniently started in July as well.

My team and I worked hard in July, and then again in August.

You’re not going to believe this…

In the month of August, after about 6 weeks of “doing Beautycounter,” I hit Director. DIRECTOR.

(We’ll dive into ranks in a minute, but all you need to know for now is: that’s a big deal.)

When I was trying to plan out my points for this incentive trip, I wrote that I would be Director in September, and even as I wrote it, I was thinking “There is absolutely NO way this is possible, but I’ll try!”

And then not only did it happen, but a month in advance!! I was FLOORED.

What this tells me (and should tell you!) is that this company is SO much easier than I expected it to be! People are SO excited about getting safer products into their hands that it makes my job so easy!

Let’s talk about my Beautycounter Income:

I know, it’s rude to talk about your income. Here’s why I’m doing it: because I want you to have a living, breathing, real life example of what’s possible. Absolutely and in no way to toot my own horn or to brag… I just want you to join me in this mission, and I think the numbers speak for themselves!

Let’s recap: I spent half of July and all of August focusing more of my time on Beautycounter.

I hit Director in August and I made $1,553.20.

To put this into perspective, I spent over four years working for another Multilevel Marketing company, advanced in rank, and even at this rank’s equivalent, my highest paycheck ever was $900. 

To say I was SHOCKED is an understatement!

I consider this paycheck to be a significant amount of money, especially since I just started focusing on this gig six weeks ago!

I share this with you because I want you to know that this is possible for you too! 

Let me share with you the Beautycounter Compensation Plan, and how it’s different:

Beautycounter Compensation Plan

What Sets the Beautycounter Compensation Plan Apart:

  • You have huge “Start Counting” cash and product bonuses for starting well!
  • You earn 25-35% of all of your members and clients’ sales. FOREVER.
  • Your rank and income aren’t determined by your team’s success (more below)
  • You get bonuses MONTHLY as you train up your builders
  • You earn substantial income on your team’s sales

I modeled my Beautycounter Three Step Plan to Earning Income PDF on Beautycounter’s Start Counting program. It’s a three month program in which you can earn an extra $1,000 in cash and $300 in product credit!

How you can earn money quickly with Beautycounter:

The thing I love the most about this Beautycounter business is that you can start earning an income RIGHT AWAY. There’s ZERO message of “Just hold out hope, keep grinding and grinding with hardly any pay until you hit the BIG ranks.”


Why not? Because you earn 25-35% of the sales that you personally bring in ALWAYS. That means that the clients you bring in purchase, and then purchase again 2 months later, and again a month after that, and you always get 25-35% of their sales! Not just that client’s first sale. Or their first 60 days.


How does this impact you?

This is so impactful because it means that you don’t have to hit some fancy rank to get a large paycheck. In fact, about 2/3 of my Director check was from my personal sales. Not because I hit a fancy rank!

That means that you can easily do the same, my friend! 

Note: if for some reason this isn’t impactful to you, do some digging around other company’s compensation plans and compare!

Your Rank and Income Aren’t Determined by your Team’s Success (or failure):

This is a BIGGIE, my friends. And this, too, is where Beautycounter differs as a Direct Marketing company.

You can see in the Beautycounter Compensation Plan that you’re not required to have a SINGLE team member under you selling anything until you hit Senior Director.

Yep, you could sell ALL 10,000 QV on your own if you felt like it!

Granted, I of course would never recommend it, BUT:

The important thing to recognize here is you’re not tied to your team’s efforts. To be Director you don’t have to have four separate people who hit the rank of manager. What this means is it is WAY easier to hit ranks, and you don’t have to push people super hard just for your benefit. Beautycounter allows you to get to these certain mile markers in whatever way works for you! I personally think this is a really wise business model, and this past month hitting Director I was very thankful for it!

*Note: the only time your team starts determining your rank is at Senior Director and above (which, let’s be honest, will be a little later in our journeys!). For Senior Director you have to have ONE Director, for Executive Director you have to have TWO, and for Managing Director you have to have FOUR.

You Get Bonuses MONTHLY As You Train Up Your Builders

Yep. For all consultants you personally bring in who are paid as:

Senior Consultant- you get $25

Manager- you get $50

Senior Manager- you get $100

And these Mentor Bonuses aren’t just a one-time, “YAY! You mentored someone to reach a rank! Good job this one time!” NOPE. You get these bonuses EVERY month they hit these ranks!! Every time!

Remember the part where I said I love empowering women?! Other women on my team are bringing in team members, and coaching them to success! I LOVE it when they get these bonuses, too!

You Earn Substantial Income On Your Team’s Sales

Depending on what rank you hit in a certain month, you are paid 5-9% on the sales of all of the consultants that you personally recruit. So if you recruit someone who sells $3,000 in a month, you could earn $270 just on HER sales!

This should show you recruiting can be such a huge and vital part of your business!

Is This Possible for YOU?!

I ask people all the time- what amount of income would drastically change your life?

You know what people say almost every single time?

One thousand dollars.

Seriously, almost EVERY time.

It’s because $1,000 is a TON of money. Think of what you could do with $1,000 a month! What debt you could pay off, what you could put in savings or retirement, how your lifestyle could change!

I wanted to show you that you can be making even more than that with Beautycounter within 3 MONTHS simply following their Start Counting program.

Use my Beautycounter Three Step Plan to Earning Income PDF to see the examples of Months 1, 2, and 3 and what you could be earning!

This is possible for YOU, and I would love nothing more than for you to join my team! That means that I get to be your personal mentor and help you soar to success!