I made this Beautycounter Holiday Quiz because Beautycounter Holiday just released and it’s the BEST limited edition collection yet! Beautycounter nailed it! The collection has it all, including a couple of amazing beauty tools!

What does Beautycounter Holiday 2020 even mean? Well, if you’re here, you probably know about the clean skincare and makeup company Beautycounter. I am a consultant with Beautycounter, and I could not be prouder of the company. They are paving the way forward and continually raising the bar when it comes to clean beauty. We are a B Corporation, which means that we have to prove that we put the planet and people before profit. Honestly, it’s such an amazing way to do business, I wish every single company had to exist in this way. From our packaging, to everyone down our entire supply chain, we can trust Beautycounter is doing what’s good for our people and our planet.
Once a year, they release special edition holiday sets. These products and sets are SO fun, because most of these products are brand spanking new! They’re perfectly giftable, for yourself and others!

Beautycounter Holiday Quiz

Are you curious what would be the perfect Beautycounter holiday item for you? To be honest, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them! But I created this unique Beautycounter Holiday Quiz so that you can find the gift that’s right for you or someone you want to get a gift for!
Just be sure to fill out the quiz from the perspective of who you’re getting a gift for.
Hint: you will also get a special surprise from me when you take this quiz- check your email!

Share in the comments what you got! Was it fitting? Would you have chosen something else? I would love to know! 💕

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Beautycounter Holiday Quiz 2020